Colt solar shading systems: Delivering distinctive architectural impact and cutting energy use

Colt’s solar shading and daylight optimisation systems provide good quality natural daylight without solar glare, so as to improve internal conditions and reduce energy costs.

The benefits of sun shading systems

Solar shading systems eliminate excessive glare and reduce solar heat gains in the summer. In this instance, during the hotter months of the year, the building is protected against overheating by adjustable heat reflecting louvres, which are oriented according to the position of the sun. Radiation from the sun is partially absorbed and reflected by the louvres, which reduces heat gains within the building.

  • Optimum performance by reducing solar heat gains whilst maintaining acceptable levels of natural daylight
  • Reduction of cooling loads in summer
  • Potential for striking aesthetic impact

Why choose Colt?

Careful selection of the most appropriate solar shading system is necessary in order to achieve the necessary functional performance and to meet the aesthetic requirements of the building.

Colt experts are able to work with the specifier, providing calculations and modelling to ensure the proposed solution offers the best performance while making a strong architectural statement.

Colt offers systems which consist of fixed or controllable louvres, in vertical or horizontal configurations, typically made either of aluminium, glass or textile fins.

Colt can provide a complete package of scheme design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance. 

You can count on Colt to:

  • Look at the complete picture: we know how a building works and have extensive in-house expertise in a broad range of technologies.
  • Design the most cost-effective, no-nonsense solution engineered to meet your needs and any prevailing regulations, relying on our in-house technical resources such as CAD and CFD. Read more about our design support
  • Advise on the prevailing regulations.
  • Customise our products to fit the exact requirements of your project and, where necessary, have them specially tested at our R&D facility.
  • Supply our high quality products, manufactured under quality.
  • Maintain and service your system to ensure it keeps working at its most efficient throughout its life cycle.
  • Train and advise through all phases of the process. We offer free technical seminars.
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