Maintaining a light and airy environment in education buildings

In most shipping terminals, airports, rail, bus, underground stations and tunnels there is a requirement for ventilation systems both for safety and comfort.

Technologies / products
  • Smoke control systems
  • HVAC systems 
  • Cladding and ventilation louvre
  • Shading and daylighting products

For tunnels and underground / metro stations

Below ground, whether in tunnels or underground/metro stations, such systems can enable:

  • a clear means of escape if there is a fire
  • a clear view of the fire to assist fire-fighters
  • smoke clearance both during and after a fire, in order to limit smoke temperatures and structural damage and inhibit smoke spread.

For above-ground transport infrastructure / transportation buildings

Above ground, since transport infrastructure buildings are generally large and at many times of the day are filled with people, due consideration needs to be taken of the need to safeguard the general public from the effects of fire and also to keep people comfortable.

For both below and above ground transport infrastructure and transportation buildings, Colt offers scheme design, including CFD, and a comprehensive range of ventilation, smoke containment and stairwell pressurisation products and systems, including their associated controls and monitoring.

Louvres for natural ventilation, shading and architectural impact

Colt also offers a wide range of solar shading and weather louvre products for natural ventilation, shading and architectural impact.

The benefits of working with Colt include:

  • We offer a pre-order design service
  • We offer CFD modelling to optimise the design and to prove compliance with legislation
  • We design our schemes to ensure that day-to-day consumption of energy is minimised
  • Our equipment is third party tested and approved
  • We offer an integrated approach as the partner which is responsible for design, delivery, installation, commissioning and good performance of the entire scheme.
  • We have a broad experience and know-how built on a global track record spanning many decades.