Keeping people and goods safe and productive in warehouses and single storey industrial buildings

Warehouses and single storey industrial buildings generally need some form of fire protection measures. Depending on the building’s use, it may be important to ensure ideal conditions for manufacturing or storing goods are maintained at all times.

Technologies / products
  • Smoke control systems
  • HVAC systems and day-to-day ventilation systems
  • Shading and daylighting products

It may also be necessary to take measures to enhance the comfort of those working in these buildings. We can help you achieve this.

Smoke control ventilation and smoke containment systems can enable:

  • a clear means of escape
  • a clear view of the fire to assist fire-fighters
  • smoke to be cleared from the car park during and after a fire, in order to limit smoke temperatures and structural damage and inhibit smoke spread between floors
  • reduced liklihood of damage or loss to production or stock.

Most Colt natural ventilators are dual purpose, providing both natural ventilation and smoke control.

Colt climate control systems are good for storage and manufacture

We can help you create and maintain ideal conditions for storage or for housing manufacturing operations. Either natural ventilation systems or hybrid systems integrating natural ventilation and mechanical heating and cooling systems can maintain the right temperature, humidity and air quality levels.

Making the best of natural daylight

In addition we can offer a wide range of shading and daylight products to make best use of natural daylight. We want enough natural daylight to reduce lighting costs and improve the internal environment, but not too much that the heat load is unduly increased in summer.

Designing cost efficiency into your warehouse or factory

Our integrated approach will ensure that the solution developed for your warehouse or factory delivers most effectively the internal conditions that meet your requirements while minimising initial and running costs through lower energy consumption and maintenance expenses.

The benefits of working with Colt include:

  • We offer a pre-order design service
  • We offer CFD modelling to optimise the design and to prove compliance with legislation
  • We design our schemes to ensure that day-to-day consumption of energy is minimised
  • Our equipment is third party tested and approved
  • We offer an integrated approach as the partner which is responsible for design, delivery, installation, commissioning and good performance of the entire scheme.
  • We have a broad experience and know-how built on a global track record spanning many decades.