Silra Home, Singapore

The Silra Home nursing hospital in Buangkok, Singapore is committed to improving life of ex-leprosy victims through providing them with a home, basic care and love.

Design & Building a complete Natural Hospital Ventilation with Smoke Vents for the roof of main hospital area Internal view closed smoke vents Internal view open The EuroCo ventilators also act as light shutters

Colt designed and supplied a complete smoke and natural ventilation system. This is achieved by using 28 EuroCO ventilators that create a complete roof of adjustable louvres which open automatically in the event of a fire. The EuroCO ventilators also act as light shutters to let light into the multi-purpose hall.

Project details
  • Location: Buangkok View, Singapore
  • ClientC P Lim Architect
  • Architect: Alumni Construction & Trading PL
Products used
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